2011 Gallery

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  2. Stoyan says:

    It is really great to see the diabetes community getting together like this and having fun with this neat idea. Looks like there was an endless stream of ideas and submissions – really inspiring to see! It’s good to get to know other diabetics out there and be inspired by their creativity and hopefulness.

    The more fun events like this we have, the better. It is very needed sometimes to take a step back and get away from the stresses and challenges of this disease.

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  6. Jo says:

    its amazing to see all of these works of art from such a wide age range. i always felt like i was the only one to struggle but these works prove im not alone. thank you everyone for sharing! <3

  7. kim says:

    i got my first tattoo today, and entered a picture of it as one of my D-Art day projects. it is my permanent “art”. i love it! the other entry is a picture i made using pump and testing stuff, basically the same idea as my permanent “art” tattoo. thanks for this!

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  9. Scott Kasper says:

    My art supplies include my three sons, two of whom have T1D, my camera, and my computer. I hope you like my creative diabetes related images!!

    Here’s to finding a cure soon!!!

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  11. Amy says:

    Oops! I replied to a compliment about Prickly, but I’m Pricker Plant. We were both thinking of all those prickers I guess. Sorry about that!

  12. Babscampbell says:

    Here’s my Diabetes Art Day mixed media project.
    How does diabetes effect my life?
    It’s a common link in some of my best friendships and the reason we met.
    It’s a whole lot of math whenever I eat.
    It’s constant testing and monitoring.
    It’s an annual diaversary double chocolate cupcake and celebration of yet another year of successful management.
    The blue circle is the International Diabetes Federation symbol for diabetes. To me, it’s the circle of friendship, support, advocacy, and education that I’ve received and in turn, I hope I provide to the next person joining us on this journey.
    Thanks for doing this and giving us all a forum to share!

  13. FatCatAnna says:

    I think my artwork got posted here – I also posted a bigger version (to see the detail) – Facebook since Diabetes1.org where I also posted it – only allows a small jpeg to be posted – http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2nd_Annual_Diabetes_Art_Day_September_1st . I haven’t managed to go thru’ all the pages here yet. Mine was made up of a few bits ‘n bobs from my diabetic supplies. I had fun doing this – like I did last year! Can’t wait for next year!

  14. Redonna says:

    Wow, some of these entries are sooo good. I have a few favorites, one being the illustration of the little girl eating the apple and her teddy on the floor – that one tell a story.

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  16. Christine says:

    My artwork was made out of odds and ends paper, just like a day with diabetes, the odds and ends are insulin, meals, snacks, highs, lows, mood swings and they all come together in a day to live healthy.

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    • Amy says:

      Thanks! My son and huband both have type-1 diabetes. I was inspired by a dandelion wish weed, all the “practice” we’ve had during the years, and beauty of nature (looking for beauty in unexpected places). Enjoy!

  18. Redonna says:

    I didn’t ID myself in my submission either – Pink would be me – I used color pop to make my pink meter pop out. Looking forward to seeing many many more entries in the next week or so.

  19. I designed my own tattoo that reflects diabetes without the word ‘diabetes’ written on it. The blood drop on the top get dropped into the strip and blood fills up the medical symbol.

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