2013 Gallery

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YOU are the reason Diabetes Art Day is bursting with creativity, friendship, and fun, so THANK YOU for participating in Diabetes Art Day 2013!

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  3. Patty Keller says:

    My current body of work it titled 12.5.1995 – Diabetes Defines Me. Through Mixed-Media, it explores the stages of my life-long journey with type 1 diabetes, from diagnosis and denial, to compliance and acceptance. I am in constant turmoil with my diabetes and the responsibilities I must have in order to function in my daily life. Most people cannot tell that I have diabetes by looking at me, and surely cannot see the damage it has been causing my body. This series of nine mixed-media paintings attempts to reveal my agonizing, yet wondrous, life. It depicts the life of a young woman’s journey, starting from diagnosis, struggling through acceptance, and looking towards a brighter future. I chose to create nine works to somewhat mirror Albert Munsell’s value scale. There is a spectrum of emotions one goes through when living with a life-long disease, and this is what my works signify.
    Though Munsell’s value scale goes from 0 to10,I left off value 0 which is black and value 10 which is white because I consider 0 to be the cause of the disease, which is unknown; and 10 to be a cure for the disease, which is also unknown. This series therefore consists of nine pieces, each representing one of these emotions. I am very excited to reveal this series for myself and my sister Angie (who is also diabetic), to publically address the whole experience of diabetes, and to share what it is like to live with the pain, tremendous responsibility, unexpected finances, and extreme mathematical skill demanded by this disease on a daily basis. – Patty Keller, 2012
    All paintings are 30″ x 40″ x 2″ Mixed-Media.
    All paintings are currently for sale.

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  5. Jenna says:

    Evie (6 years old) was diagnosed exactly one month ago, January 4. Her picture was made with crayons and watercolors. She painted herself, a syringe, some food and her thoughts : “They pay so much attention to my carbs.”

  6. Demetra McMullan says:

    Our daughter, Eva McMullan (age 9), was diagnosed 287 days ago (4/24/12). Most people have a negative reaction when they think about syringes. There were certainly plenty of tears (both, her’s and ours) when we started to use them to help Eva control her blood sugar levels. As we learn to live with and manage this disease, we have also come to appreciate syringes for their important function. This art includes most of the syringes Eva has used to date. At 287 days – using approximately 6 syringes a day – it comes to 1722 syringes. This shape can be seen as, both, a flower (growth), and as a target (aiming for the optimal bsl numbers).

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