Diabetes Art Day 2014

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Welcome to Diabetes Art Day 2014!

Diabetes Art Day Dedication

Dean Devalerio, 1959-2014

Dean Devalerio, 1959-2014

On February 1st, Diabetes Art Day and the Diabetes Online Community lost a cherished friend, Dean Devalerio. Before the first Diabetes Art Day in 2010, like many people, Dean expressed doubts in his artistic ability. He joked, “the art teachers in school didnt consider me a artist!!!and i think mom was just being nice to me!! lol,” and said that participating was kind of “scary.” I offered him lots of encouragement though, and he took the leap. After Diabetes Art Day, he shared:

“it was a ‘fun’ thing to do! and it really was therapeutic in its own way. it was something i had never done before.i loved it.lee ann had no boundaries in what or how you could create.
lmao if though it was ‘diabetes’ i was released from diabetes in the time i was doing what i did.”

That first year, when I was so nervous that no one would participate, Dean stepped way out of his comfort zone to support Diabetes Art Day, and as a result, had a wonderful, therapeutic experience. Diabetes Art Day has come a long way, and been successful beyond all my hopes and expectations, but having convinced Dean to make art the first year remains one of my proudest DAD moments. Dean embodied the willingness to step into the unknown that Diabetes Art Day promotes.

Now Dean really has stepped into the unknown. Diabetes Art Day 2014 is dedicated to my friend, Dean, another diabetes “old timer” and warrior against depression who was dedicated to the DOC. Rest in peace, Dean. #forDean

New in 2014: In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of Diabetes Art Day, you are invited to participate in a research project investigating the role of visual expression in the lives of people affected by diabetes. Research participants will be asked to respond to one online survey before Diabetes Art Day, and they will be emailed a follow-up survey after Diabetes Art Day. If you are 18+ and planning to participate in Diabetes Art Day this year, you are invited to participate in this research project. Parents of children are encouraged to make art with their children, and reflect on their experience when responding to the survey.

Click HERE to learn more about this research project and participate.

Image Viewing Disclaimer: Diabetes can lead to many complicated and uncomfortable feelings, and one of the primary goals of Diabetes Art Day is to encourage people to express their feelings about diabetes. There could be art that might be offensive to some viewers or inappropriate for children. It is suggested that you review images prior to sharing them with young viewers. If inappropriate images are posted in the Children’s Gallery, they will be moved to the 2014 Gallery. Censoring artwork has the potential to invalidate someone’s experience, and this is not in the spirit of Diabetes Art Day. Questions or feedback regarding this policy are welcome.

Uploading Images: I recommend no more than 1000-1500 pixels for the widest dimension of the image. In the ‘Description’ box, enter any of the following: name, title of work, medium, and connection to diabetes

Please post only original artwork created by you or your loved ones. Reproductions of other people’s artwork cannot be accepted.

Image Uploading Problems: If you upload an image, and it is not immediately visible, reduce the size of the image, and upload again. If you continue to have issues, please email the image and accompanying description to Lee Ann.

Ipad Users: You will not be able to upload images with an ipad. Ipads do not have general website image uploading capability. Please upload your image from a different device. Unless that’s changed… I don’t use iproducts so I don’t know.

Image Use Disclaimer: The content of this website is covered under a Creative Commons license which specifies that work can be shared if (1) it is attributed to this website (“Diabetes Art Day”), (2) it is not used for commercial purposes, and (3) the work is not altered or transformed in any way. I have no way of tracing images back to the artist, but if you have identified yourself in your image description, I will make an effort to direct interested parties to you. I will never take credit for art I did not make. Use of images, giving credit to the artist as identified in the submitted description, will be limited to the promotion of Diabetes Art Day, or to raising awareness about diabetes and the Diabetes Online Community. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Lee Ann.


2014 Gallery

2014 Children’s Gallery


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